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Our Terms and Conditions

San Francisco Tours LLC

Our Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Golden Horizon Travel. We have taken all security measures to protect your personal information that you provide when reserving a tour on our secure and encrypted reservation form.

Listed below are Golden Horizon Travel's Terms and Conditions, including our reservation, refund and cancellation policy:

  1. Our Cancellation and Refund Policy:
    1. General Terms, including reservation and cancellation policy
    2. Delivery methods of our services
    3. Digital Signature and the use of electronic records
    4. What happens after we void or refund a transaction?
    5. Declined transactions. Why your reservation was declined?
    6. Alcatraz tours and tickets and the use of our online calendar
    7. The misconception about private tours
    8. Silicon valley tour terms, conditions and policy
  2. Online SECURE Booking, Receipt and Method of Payment
    1. Secure Website and Transactions
    2. Method of Payment
    3. Accepted Credit Cards
    4. Our Merchant Receipt and Email Confirmation
    5. Declined Credit Cards and Returned Transactions
  3. Tour Confirmation and Tour Vouchers
    1. Tour Confirmation and Pick-up Time
    2. Our Tour Vouchers
    3. Reservations and Availability
  4. Responsibility and Tour Change Liability
  5. High Risk Activities and Tours:
  6. Website Disclaimer
    1. Web Site Liability Disclaimer
    2. Copyright Contents and the "WIPO"
    3. State and Federal Licenses
    4. Modifications of our terms and conditions
  7. General Terms and Miscellaneous
    1. Foreign Languages
    2. Miscellaneous
    3. Private tours versus semi-private tours
    4. Our Shopping Cart and online secure booking


I. Reservation and Cancellation Policy

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  • 91% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 15 days prior to the scheduled tour (or the date of the tour or service) 9% covers the required transaction fees; that’s 4.5 % per transaction(booking is one transaction and refunding is a second transaction)
  • 50% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled tour or service.
  • 15% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled at least 6 business days prior to the scheduled tour (week-ends and holidays don’t count).
  • 0% of the total amount will be refunded if the tour is canceled 4 business days or less prior to the day of the scheduled tour or service. This includes no-shows. (Week-ends and holidays don’t count).

Refund Fees: There is a charge for each transaction when wanting a refund. This charge will vary from 4.5% to 7.9% per transaction depending on the type of credit card you used to make the transaction and the country where the credit card was issued. This charge covers the credit card transaction fees that your credit card company charged Golden Horizon Travel when you made the reservation on our website and includes the required merchant processing fees associated with your credit card company. This policy applies on all refunds as well, regardless of the amount or the date of the refund.

All overnight tours (with or without hotel accommodations) require at least a 19-day advance notice of cancellation to Golden Horizon Travel. All sales are final for last-minute booking (defined as made within 0-4 business days prior to the scheduled tour.)

- All tours and/or travel packages that may or may not include flying (i.e. airplane, hot-air balloon) or riding a train are non-refundable.
- All Alcatraz, Safari, Horseback tours, rafting, balloon rides and Hearst Castle tickets are non-refundable.
- Each tour and/or webpage is governed by terms and conditions relating to each tour/webpage or by the tour voucher(s), which are given to you by the Golden Horizon Travel office after booking your tour on our website. Tour voucher will be soon replaced by an email confirmation.
- Currency: All transactions are in United States Dollars (USD)
- Please note that if a transaction is declined, the reservation for the tour is not confirmed and we do not have the information or the inquiry. If you do not receive an email from our Merchant account ( shortly after making the reservation on our website, please start over with a different credit card, ensure you do provide the extract bank and billing address information including the zip code (postal code) of your credit or contact us directly for further assistance. Approved transactions do not guarantee your tour(s) as all reservations are subject to availability. Popular tours like Alcatraz and Yosemite require at least 12 weeks reservation in advance from April to October.

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Different Methods of Delivering our Services

The method in which we confirm your tour is via email as an e-ticket and/or a tour voucher. The e-ticket and tour voucher will both indicate the date of the tour and the pick-up and drop-off time. The customer hereby agrees and accepts that the internet is the channel in which he or she receives the tour confirmation and the e-ticket and/or tour voucher. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the tour voucher and/or email confirmation is printed and that the date of the tour is noted and correct. Please make sure to provide a valid email address and cell phone number (not a home telephone number) so we can reach you and please do ensure you provide a valid email address as well. This delivery method may not apply for some tours and services including last-minute bookings.

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Digital Signatures and the Use of Electronic Records

The Georgia Electronic Records and Signature Act validates that digital signatures are considered legitimate as a written signature on a contract or document is. By digitally signing, you (the customer or and credit card holder) accept our terms and conditions and state that the information you have provided to Golden Horizon Travel and its affiliate websites and partners is correct and you hereby agree that San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours is authorized to charge the transaction accordingly. You, the customer, understand that you have the right to decline the use of the electronic records by canceling the transaction before checking the box “submit your secure order” or “book” on our website which therein is considered a void of the transaction before we even process any information. If you move forward and submit your order on our website, you agree with the terms, conditions, prices (and that the amount will be paid in full) and policies and that these electronic records are a legitimate contractual agreement for the tour you purchased. All transactions submitted by you (at your end) will be charged in full and automatically after you approve it.

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What happens after we void or refund a transaction?

Approved transactions: When transactions are processed on our website, and approved by your bank, it still takes about 10 business days before we even get the required funds transferred to our business merchant bank account, however, we still honor your tour(s) as scheduled if your transaction is approved even if the tour is scheduled for the next day. We are committed to provide high quality services and tours to our customers.
Voided and refunded transactions: When a transaction is voided or refunded, the charge is removed from the authorized transaction inquiry and never batched or settled because the funds never leaves customers’ bank account. However, all such transactions will still show on customers’ bank statement as “pending” for up to 10 business days because the funds are temporarily frozen by your own bank since the fund have never left your own bank. To release the funds, you will need to contact bank and handle this directly with them as this has nothing do with us but rather with your own bank and their own policy and terms in this regards.
Common mistakes and misconception of voided transactions: Most customers do not realize or understand their own bank’s policy and guidelines regarding online purchases, the main issues that the funds from the voided charge will be inaccessible to the client for a full 10 business days, for this reason, clients often think that the charge was still placed on their credit card but in reality it has never left their bank account and will be available only after 10 business days because the funds are simply and temporarily frozen by customers’ own bank! In other words, voiding a credit card transaction will not remove the charge from customer's bank account immediately, please be patient before you follow up with us or your bank in this regard as banks usually take full 10 business days to release these funds, and this is totally out of our hands and has nothing to do with us.

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Declined transactions. Why your reservation was declined?

Your reservation was declined by your own bank due to a mismatch between your bank information (such as the name on the credit card, card number, expiration date, CVV, zip/postal code or billing address), if one of these verification factors doesn’t match with the information you provided on our website comparing to the bank information when placed your order, your transaction is automatically declined by your own bank to protect your bank information from fraud. Sometimes, transactions are also declined due to insufficient funds as well. Your tour(s) will not be confirmed until your new transaction is approved by your own bank. We apologize for the inconvenience but your own bank did so to prevent fraud and protect your credit card information or due one of the above factors, and in both cases, this is totally out of our hands.
Please ensure that the first and last name on the credit card, CVV, zip/postal code and billing address are exactly the same as they figure on your bank statement before you resubmit a new reservation.
Please note that when transactions are declined, we do not receive any information in this regard unless your reservation is approved. Please contact us for more information if your transaction is declined, if we do not hear back from you, we consider that you are not interested in rebooking or aware of the fact that your transaction was declined.
Tip: Most of credit card companies including Amex now require from their clients to inform them in advance when making purchase online our out of town / state, otherwise they decline the transaction to prevent fraud. You may also get an email or text message alerts asking you to approve or decline the transaction that has been declined before you resubmit it, this is out of our hands and now required by many credit cards companies you may not be aware of.

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Alcatraz tours and tickets and the use of our online calendar

The only online calendar available on our website is extremely hard to manage and update on daily basis. This calendar governs all our tours and available in over 10 different languages which multiplies the number of tour options by 10! When Alcatraz tickets are sold out, we cannot simply block the calendar for these particular date(s) because this will prevent all other clients from booking any of our tours in 10 different languages, this would put us all out of business! Alcatraz represents only 1% of our tours and it’s extremely impossible to block the calendar each time Alcatraz is sold out. For that reason, we have amended these terms and conditions on our website stating clearly unequivocally the following terms regarding Alcatraz tour and tickets:
-All our tours including Alcatraz are subject to availability even if the transaction is approved. We do reserve the right to void or refund your transaction when Alcatraz tickets are sold out, this is totally out of our hands as the only provider of Alcatraz tickets and tours are governed by the U.S. National Park Service.
-We do require 8 business weeks in advance when booking our Alcatraz tour during the peaks season, holidays and week-ends. The peak season refers to the period of April to the end of October.
-We reserve the right to offer you alternative tours when Alcatraz is sold out, if you decline our offer, we simply and fully refund your transaction which takes about 10 business days before your funds are available to you as stated above under section “voided and refunded transactions” clause.
Common mistake some customers do: When Alcatraz tickets are sold out, customers rush desperately to book directly Alcatraz tour on our website without taking the time to review our terms and conditions in this regard, we are not to blame in this case as we made it extremely clear that we have no control over Alcatraz tickets when they are sold out, for that reason we do require at least 8 business weeks booking in advance!

Important note:
Tour guides are not allowed to conduct guided tours to Alcatraz or Muir Woods. Your Alcatraz adventure is a self-guided tour as stated on our website (an audio self-guided tour on your own).
Also, in order to keep the cost down, we therefore do not include a drop-off at your hotel after you visit Alcatraz so you don’t pay overtime or have a driver waiting for you while visiting Alcatraz Island.
The Fisherman’s Wharf hotels are walking distance from Alcatraz landing. Public transportation is very affordable and available everywhere.

****We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone ****


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The misconception about private tours

Yes, public group tours are more cost-effective than private tours, however, the reality is more nuanced than that. Did you know that private tours and public tours cost both respective tour companies equally? Both provide one driver-tour guide, one vehicle, one tour, and assume same business expenses and commercial insurance liability.
However, private tour operators (like us) make 90% less profits, and yet has more expenses than this of public tour operators who make 10 times more profit thanks to the volume(quantity)! We on the other hand, focus on quality as we never share your private tour with other customers.
We still provide the same services and cover same expenses and even much more in some cases. We offer more personalized services and customized trip itineraries conducted in luxury vehicles (not in old busses with dozens of people talking at the same time!). We also gain access to all sites where large vehicles and buses are prohibited. We barely make it in certain cases due to the increasing business expenses in California.
This is a tough time indeed to have a small business in California, but our passion is bigger than our pocket because we love San Francisco, and we want to share our love for our Bay Area with you. All customers can disagree with our rates, terms and policy and can cancel their reservations before proceeding with their booking. However, once approved, this will no longer be about the cost of the tour, and it would be unfair to bring it up because this is now about the tour experience itself. Please don’t blame us for being extremely honest and transparent.
*****We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone *****


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Silicon Valley Tour Terms, Conditions and Policy

Many sites, firms and museums are closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, during the Holidays and weekends, this vary from place to place. Most of museums and sites have admission fees that are not included in your tour price. We are extremely transparent, so we are not to blame for any misunderstanding regarding our Silicon Valley tour, terms and policy as stated on this website. We highly recommend that you check out these places and firms before you book your tour so we are not to blame. Check out these private museums, firms and their websitesto learn more about their schedules, closures and hours of operations.

Here are the most famous sites and their websites:

Intel Museum: (daily open 9AM–6PM but closed on Sunday,during the holidays(and may close at any time without a prior notice as this a private firm).

The Computer History Museum: Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and for private events without a prior notice. Otherwise, it opens from 10 to 5 pm Wednesday to Sunday (but may close at any time without a prior notice as it’s a private museum).

Stanford Campus Walking Tour offers a 70 minutes approximately free walking tour at 10:45 am and at 3 pm upon availability (first-come, first-served basis). Closed during the holidays, inaugurations and for private events. Sometimes, they may not have enough volunteers to carry out this free tour and may cancel it at any time and without a prior notice.(may close to the public at any time without a prior notice as it’s a private university).

NASA Ames Research Center: Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday noon - 4 p.m. Closed Mondays and federal holidays and for private events. Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose: check their schedule as it changes constantly
The Tech Museum of Innovation: please check their schedule as it changes constantly
Hiller Aviation Museum: please check their schedule as it changes constantly
***Its customers’ responsibility to check all these sites and other firms before booking this Silicon Valley tour.

Please understand that many sites, firms, parks like Alcatraz and Muir Woods, or universities like Stanford, do not allow tour guides to carry out guided tours inside their campus or perimeters. In addition, parking in places like Stanford is a major issue regardless the size of the vehicle you book, please exchange your telephone numbers with your driver so he or she meets you back at a specific place or landmark after your self-guided walking tour (on your own). All vehicles more than 7 seats require extra $400 parking fees at Stanford (at the charge of customers).

This tour lasts 8 hours’ door to door service when we start and end the tour in San Francisco. We are located in San Francisco, not in Silicon Valley. But when our Silicon Valley tour starts, and or ends in Silicon Valley Area (instead of San Francisco), the tour lasts 6 hours’ maximum as it takes us 90 minutes’ drive each way to drive from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, and vice versa for the driver to get back to San Francisco where we are based.

***Its customers’ responsibility to check all these sites and other firm’shours of operations and closures before booking this Silicon Valley tour ***
***We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone ***

Note: The question we get a lot from customers and travelers are whether they can go inside tech giant’s facilities or not. Yes, it’s true that the most notable Silicon Valley tech giants offer no tours of their campuses or access to the public inside their facilities. However, some allow limited public access inside their premises, whilst others like Google, Oracle, Apple and Facebook, don’t. They are secretive and they have the right to be protective in this new era of cyber-attacks and security issues. The only way a member of the public can tour the inside of campus buildings is if they are escorted by an employee. So, if you happen to have a friend or relative who works there, ask them to get an invitation, and we will get you there.

What all visitor should know is that even if you are invited by a famous Silicon Valley firm like Google, they never allow anyone to go upstairs to visit their offices. All visitors remain limited to the lobby area downstairs or in the food court area, which offers no benefits, only a lot of hassle and nothing much to see. Our tour guides’ tip of the day. Our tour guides recommend that you take full advantage of your one-time trip to Silicon Valley and rather focus on what you can see and get insider access to places that make the most of your day.


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II. Online Secure Booking, Receipt and Methods of Payment

Secure and Encrypted Transactions:
Golden Horizon Travel website is secure and tested daily to prevent hackers and viruses. The website complies with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and follows all website protocols. Our website also has a high-grade encryption level and a certified SSL Certificate to ensure that your personal information (including your credit card information) is encrypted and secure. Please be aware of unsecure websites!
The "lock icon: within the browser (https) indicates that the connection is secure and your personal information is safe.

Methods of Payment and Accepted Credit Cards:
San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours accepts all major credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards, Euro Cards, and “Cartes Bleues.”
We also accept wire transfers from tour operators and travel agents. Please note that some foreign credit cards may be subject to additional fees due to the currency conversion and credit card-associated transaction fees. We also accept PayPal and some Chinese and Japanese credit cards as well with specific terms of use. When you accept to allow the process of your payment on our website, you understand and accept our terms and conditions, rates and tour prices posted online and the currency conversation fees and that the transaction will be charged for the full amount. You may not dispute these charges under any circumstances after you submit your order on our website. We assume no responsibility for no-shows and incorrect address or pick-up location provided by our customers.

When transaction is declined, your own bank may hold on this required amount for few days but that doesn’t mean you have been charged. All transactions are between you and whatever you enter on the website that is out of our control. We will however do our best to clarify any misunderstanding in this regard.

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Merchant Receipt and Tour Confirmation

Your debit or credit card will be charged immediately after confirming your purchase on our website. You will receive an automated email with the merchant receipt confirming your purchase; however, you will not receive an email or notice from Golden Horizon Travel if your PayPal, debit or credit card declines. If your card declines, you will need to resubmit a new reservation with a different card and please ensure that billing address and zip code match your credit card and bank account (statement). A second email will be sent to you once payment has been processed and accepted. Please note that all reservations are subject to availability even if it is approved. All refunds and/or voided transactions are subject to the above "refund fees" and may take up to 5 to 10 business days before your funds are transferred back into your account.

Declined Credit Cards and Returned Transactions

Please note that if your transaction is declined, you will not receive any email or notice from Golden Horizon Travel. Please resubmit your reservation with a different credit card and ensure that you enter in the correct billing address and zip code that is associated with the credit card you are providing.


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III. Tour Confirmation and Tour Voucher

Customers are now no longer required to reconfirm their tour(s) prior to tour date. The tour voucher, fax or email that is sent to you will confirm your tour. Please wait for your tour guide outside of your hotel at your pick-up location and time. Please refer to your tour voucher for additional information. Some hotels lobbies are not located on the first floor (first floor in the US means the gourd floor or main entrance), so please ensure you will be at the main entrance on time due to parking issues in the San Francisco. Tour voucher maybe soon replaced by an email confirmation.
Please note that we may also share or use your credit card to book your own tours to places like Alcatraz to facilitates and or expedite your reservation under your own name.

Reservation and Tour Availability

All tours are subject to availability. We reserve the right to fully refund your transaction if the tour, service or travel package you reserve is not available. We highly recommend booking your tour several weeks or months ahead of time (especially during our peak season of the months April through October and holidays). We cannot guarantee your tour even if your transaction is confirmed.
Please note that all Alcatraz, Safari, Horseback tours, rafting, balloon rides and Hearst Castle tickets are non-refundable. Popular tours like Alcatraz and Yosemite require at least 12 weeks reservation in advance from April to October.

Please note that we may also share or use your credit card to book your own tours to places like Alcatraz to facilitates and or expedite your reservation under your own name.


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IV. Responsibility and Tour Change Liability

San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours herein, acts as a tour operator; subcontractor represented by a contractor, and/or independent tour guide/driver or subcontractor, and does not assume responsibility or liability for the following:

  • Any injuries or illnesses or accidents suffered by customers during any trip or tour
  • Loss or damage of personal property or when stepping in and out of our vehicles
  • Inability to facilitate tours or services due to vehicle breakdown or vehicle vandalism or road/park closures.
  • Delays, inconvenience, itinerary changes or cancellations due to force majeure or any circumstances beyond our control including weather, traffic, road work, hazards, park attraction/winery/monument closure.

San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours reserves the right to modify the tour guide/driver/vehicle/itinerary/rates and cancel tours without prior notice. San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours reserves the right to modify or cancel scheduled visits to any monument, attraction, park, winery etc. for any of the reasons listed above.

Many of our trips require a minimum number of participants in order to conduct the tour. San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours reserves the right to refer you to one of our sister companies, partners, subcontractors or to cancel the tour and refund your deposit if the minimum number of participants for a tour is not reached. San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours reserves the right to remove any passenger who causes a disturbance to any individual in the vehicle, including the tour guide/driver, or poses as a threat to an otherwise smooth and safe trip. San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours also reserves the right to refuse service to anybody.

Every passenger on board the vehicle must respect the tour guide and the time frame in which a tour is scheduled to occur when you stop for photos, breaks, hiking, walking or visiting a site of interest. Golden Horizon Travel is not responsible for any delays caused by the customer or individual who does not comply with the time limit a tour guide recommends for each stop or site. Please note that overtime fees may apply if applicable, our tours and services are delivered as advertised for on our website.

Items not included in the tour price: Meals, driver’s gratuity, some entrance fees, wine tasting fees, and/or any additional optional fees and expenses unless otherwise noted on your tour voucher.

Some tours may include physical activities like hiking, walking, kayaking, riding a hot-air balloon, horseback riding, rafting, riding in vehicles, etc. involving risks including elevation change, carsickness. San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours does not assume any responsibility for any injuries, accidents or health issues that might be a result from any of these physical activities.

All of our customers are responsible for evaluating the potential risks of participating in any of our tours that may involve physical activity. Please immediately inform San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours if you have any health issues prior to making your reservation. Any modification of your arrival and departure time and date of the tour (made by the customer) is subject to review and approval by San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours and its partners, subcontractors and/or sister companies. Any modifications may be subject to additional fees and/or a new reservation.

Please note that we may also share or use your credit card to book your own tours to places like Alcatraz to facilitates and or expedite your reservation under your own name.


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Waiver and Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk

All participants including legal representations of other kids, spouses, relatives, passengers and all occupants participating in a hot-air balloon ride, a helicopter or plane ride, a horse-back ride, rafting ride, etc. hereby and forever release, waive and discharge San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours and all its partners, subcontractors independent contractors, drivers, pilots and all individuals assisting or volunteering in the aforementioned activities from all liability and responsibility that may pertain to damages and injuries caused on-site or show symptoms afterwards due to injury or damage caused on-site.

This electronic written lease extends to all claims of any kind or nature, known or unknown to arise from hot air balloon rides, air tours, horseback rides, hiking, skiing, whitewater river rafting, etc. All participants agree to indemnity and defend and hold San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours and its business partners and contractors harmless from any and all actions, causes of actions, judgments, loss, liability, damage or cost (including attorney's fees) that may incur due to participants' involvement in said activities. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California.

All participants including parents with children or relatives participating in any activities certify that they have no medical or mental condition that should prevent them from participating in any part of the activity. You have carefully read this Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk and the Indemnity Agreement and you fully understand and agree with all above terms and conditions.

Warning: Please note that activities including (but not limited to) air tours, skiing, hiking, horseback riding and hot-air balloon riding can be hazardous and may result in injuries. I, the undersigned, have read all of the above information and terms about the potential risks these activities may incur and I assume full responsibility for my own and the other members of my party's safety and we will hold all Golden Horizon Travel's team, employees, staff and all third parties and subcontractors working with Golden Horizon Travel not accountable for these risks. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the entirety of this document and agreement and I acknowledge that I have been briefed by the pilot and/or tour guides and Golden Horizon Travel about these risks.

By checking the "Terms and Conditions" box on this reservation page, I, we, hereby have read, understand, and accept all terms and conditions and therefore agree and sign this agreement representing all participants in my party (relatives, kids, spouse, friends and or colleagues).


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VI. Website Disclaimer

Web Site Liability Disclaimer

All photos, videos, web content pages, logos, site seals, domains, shopping carts, web designs, maps, and itineraries on our websites are copyright and exclusively owned by San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours. Our logo and domain name are copyright, trademarked, and registered by the Secretary of State of California in Sacramento. Our websites are the sole property of San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy, however, some of the information, products, web contents and services published on our websites may include inaccuracy and typographical errors. Changes, corrections and updates are periodically made to the content of our websites to improve and keep them up-to-date. We assume no responsibility for inaccuracy or quality of any information, products, or services obtained throughout our websites and for the misuse or misunderstanding of our website contents, tour information, and all situations related to the use of this website. We assume no responsibility for inbound and or outbound linking from our websites or for other websites who may promote our products on their own websites.
We also reserve the right to use customers’ photos or videos on our website (s) taken in the course of the tour or service.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements the 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which criminalizes and penalizes any violation and reproduction of copyright contents and intellectual proprieties. In addition, the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet limiting the liability of the providers of the on-line services like ours for copyright infringement by websites' users or owners.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is officially recognized today in 184 member states and prohibits any violation or reproduction of any virtual or written intellectual property including websites' contents. Website content theft for both text and graphics is indeed a serious violation of our websites' contents and copyright material and can be subject to state and or federal lawsuits.

State and Federal Licenses: San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours is fully insured and operates with compliance with California CPUC/TCP. We are also PCI compliance, our drivers are enrolled in random drug testing complying with state and feral regulations and our vehicles are full insured. Our Workers' compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that provides covered employees with income and medical benefits.

Modifications of these terms and conditions:

San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours and its affiliated websites or contractors reserve the right to change any of these terms and conditions under which this website is offered. We reserve the right to change our web contents, update our terms and privacy policy anytime and at our discretion without a prior notice.


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VII. General Terms and Miscellaneous

Foreign Languages:

Our tours are conducted in English unless otherwise indicated on your tour voucher. Some foreign languages are subject to additional fees. For all foreign languages, you must book a Private Tour and not a semi-private tour to enjoy the tour in the required language (subject to availability). Additional fees may apply on any additional foreign languages. All semi-private tours are conducted in English and can be shared with other clients. Semi-private tours will no longer be available on our website.


  • Meals and tour guide/driver gratuities are not included in our tour price unless indicated on your tour voucher or email confirmation.
  • Tour prices do not include additional fees including wine tasting, accommodations, and entry fees to see attractions and sites, winery tours, unless otherwise indicated on your tour voucher or email confirmation.
  • All vehicles operated by San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours are non-smoking according to state and federal laws.
  • San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours reserves the right to hire independent tour guide/drivers, subcontractors and/or contractors to facilitate our tours, shuttle services and travel packages.
  • In the event that we are unable to facilitate your tour due to weather and/or road conditions, we will attempt to reach each location, site and destination using alternative routes but we are not liable nor responsible for these unforeseen weather/traffic conditions. No refunds will be available.
  • All photos or videos taken by our staff of our customers or passengers, during the capacity of the tour, trip or transfer, may be included on our website. Customers hereby agree to the use of these photos and videos and under no circumstances can customers dispute.
  • No substitution or refunds for any unused part of the tour(s) will be issued. All sales are final.
  • No refunds will be issued for a no-show or unused portion of the tour.
  • All refund and/or voided transactions paid on our website by credit or debit cards or via PayPal may take up to 2 weeks before you receive the funds (refunds) back into your account.
  • Our hot-air balloon rides are no guaranteed to depart and arrive back in Napa Valley and subject to last-minute cancelation for weather considerations. San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours reserves the right to fly anywhere within 80-mile radius of Napa Valley dependent on the weather conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or business who may refuse to comply with our safety instructions, our tour itinerary, or to anyone who may pose a threat to our customers and/or our tour guide-drivers. Screaming at or insulting tour guide-drivers or fellow passengers or third party businesses and subcontractors is not acceptable under any circumstances and will terminate and cancel your tour without any refund. Discrimination against a customer or a tour guide–driver for any reason is not acceptable either under any circumstance.

Each park, site or attraction including but not limited to Muir Woods Park, wineries, and Alcatraz Island do not allow tour guides to escort customers inside, and therefore, by law, we are unable to accompany you through certain tours.
Please note that tour guides are no longer allowed to walk and guide customers to sites and parks like Muir Woods national monument and some other places as well like Hearst Castle among others.

We may share your contact information and/or credit card information with a third party (I.E. hotels, Alcatraz cruises, Hearst Castle, Safari and horseback businesses) when helping you or booking on your behalf other tours, services and or accommodation. Some of our tours including, but not limited to, Helicopter, hot-air balloons and horseback tour providers require from our customers to provide their exact weight.
Please note that we may also share or use your credit card to book your own tours to places like Alcatraz to facilitates and or expedite your reservation under your own name.

San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours herein, as a tour operator, as subcontractor or represented by a contractor or subcontractor does not assume any responsibility or liability for any accident or injury that may occur in the course of any of our trips, tours or rides conducted by us or by any of our affiliated partners, contractors , providers or subcontractors.

Our tours and products advertised on our website are very clear and sold as advertised. We are not responsible for any misunderstanding or misinterpretations of our products. We do require a minimum number of participants for our tours and per reservation. Cancellations and or refund are subject to processing fees. Please refer to the above cancelation and refund policy for more information.

Passengers with Disabilities: San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours makes every reasonable effort to accommodate all passengers' needs; however, our vehicles are not equipped with disability access, wheelchairs and other disability aids. We assume no responsibility for injury or any inconvenience in this regard. We cannot guarantee hotel rooms for our customers with disabilities either when booking and overnight trip with hotel accommodation included. However, we will do our very best to try to reserve the appropriate room, if available. Passengers with disabilities and/or any other health issues must advise and inform San Francisco and Muir Woods Tours by email or via fax at the time of making the reservation. We reserve the right to decline a booking should it be determined that we are unable to properly accommodate or meet our obligations towards that passenger(s) and or for safety considerations.

Our hot air balloon policy and recommendation:If you are looking for a regular and a full day wine tour, you may choose any destination from our 14 different wine tours we offer daily to California Wine Countries. However, if you choose our Napa hot-air balloon tour, please do not expect a full day regular wine tour because this balloon tour takes about 95% of the time because it’s all about the hot-air balloon experience and only 5% about the wine country tour. This is an 8-hour round trip door to door when leaving San Francisco and 6 hours when starting and ending this tour in Napa Valley. The traveling time takes about 4 hours, the process of inflating the balloon, flying the balloon, landing and deflating the balloon takes at least 3 hours followed by a 75 minutes’ complimentary breakfast in Napa Valley with the pilot or his staff. This leaves you only one hour to visit one winery unless you wish to add overtime for $99 per hour instead of $129.

Common mistakes to avoid: Some customers take appointments at some wineries without informing us in advance and they often do not realize how much extra time this would take? The driving time to the winery, the tour and tasting in the required winery would take about 2 to 3 extra hours’ overtime in addition to the driving time back to San Francisco that takes at least 2 hours without traffic when leaving from Napa Valley. Please do not schedule any appointment without letting us know prior to your tour so we help you and avoid any misunderstanding in this regard. Also, unless you wish to add overtime to your tour, please don’t head north (the opposite side of San Francisco) but rather south towards San Francisco to avoid overtime charge and fees. There are a number of great wineries located in Southern Napa and Sonoma Valley you can visit including but not limited to Artesa, Domain Carneros, Jaccuzzi winery and much more. Please leave the driving and suggestions to your tour guide, and you will be in good hands. Very few tour guides volunteer to wake up so early around 2 am, drive to our office location to pick up the required vehicle at night and go to meet customers at their hotels usually around 4 am, for that we must leave Napa no later than 11 am in order to get back to your hotel before 1 pm. Conducting business in California is extremely costly and overtime hours are paid as double wages in addition to other business expenses.

Cancellation due to unforeseen weather conditions:

Your hot-air balloon ride will be scheduled dependent on weather conditions. Your safety is our #1 priority. Our hot-air balloon rides take place before sunrise and depending on such weather conditions, some rides may launch out of other sites: Lake County, Yolo County, Pope Valley or other surrounding counties. Please note that the hot-air balloon crew will not be able to determine whether it is safe or not to launch until a couple of hours prior to take off. Our pilot wakes up around 05:00 to analyze the wind and weather conditions and because safety is our #1 priority, we may cancel balloon rides at any time if weather conditions don’t permit to launch safely.

Typically, due to weather conditions, there is a 80% chance that the balloon ride would have to be cancelled. Our office staff will notify you around 07:00 the day prior to your hot-air balloon adventure and give you an update on the weather forecasted for the following day. If you decide to cancel with our office staff the night prior, your tour guide will pick you up at 09:00 and proceed with the wine tour as scheduled because the wine tour portion of this travel package is not refundable. If, however, you wish to proceed and take your chances, your tour guide will pick you up as scheduled (04:45 in San Francisco). Please keep in mind that we have reserved this day just for you. Only the hot-air balloon ride portion of the package is refundable and you will receive a $190 refund per person which will be credited back to you within 7 business days.

We are extremely transparent about these unforeseen weather conditions that are, unfortunately, out of our control. We do not profit from the hot-air balloon adventure itself; our goal is to stand out from the crowd as part of our philosophy to offer our valuable clients unique experiences. However, we have to cover the required extra fees to pay the pilot, our amazing team and staff who wake up early to follow up with your hot air balloon pilot’s crew even if the balloon ride is cancelled. In addition, the tour guides who volunteer for this very early departure have to wake around 03:00 and remain on duty until the pilot calls them to confirm or cancel the balloon ride. Please do not be disappointed if we are required to cancel the balloon ride at the last minute: your safety is our main concern.

Regardless of when and where we meet with the pilot and his crew to launch, the hot-air balloon flight is a truly memorable and unique wine country experience. Learn all about how we inflate the hot-air balloon with cold air from gas-powered fans before you fly up in the sky. Experience the thrills of the balloon ride as it rises up to a higher elevation giving you a bird's eye view

the picturesque mountains, the sunrise and changing lights over California Wine Country rolling hills and lush vineyards. Book your private SUV tour today and choose the wineries you want to experience following the hot-air balloon ride. A private SUV tour allows you to combine the balloon excursion with any destination of your choice afterwards which can include a trip to Muir Woods National Monument – home of the giant redwood trees, a zip line adventure, a visit to the Jelly Belly beans factory, a wild Safari Animal Park in Sonoma County, a visit to the Old Faithful Geyser that erupts regularly located next to Calistoga petrified forest, an afternoon shopping at the Napa premium outlet, a visit to a cheese factory and/or an olive oil press in the historic Sonoma town plaza, which is the birthplace of the statehood of California. You may also take a tram-guided tour through vineyards and visit a wine cave in one of Napa or Sonoma’s famous wineries. Another option and suggestion following your hot-air balloon ride would be to travel to the coastal town of Sausalito or Tiburon and then take the ferry across the Bay back to San Francisco or schedule a tour to Alcatraz Island. These sights and additional attractions can be added onto your tour if you are not interested in wine tasting.


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